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Schedule Has Cavaliers Busy To Start New Season

Perhaps lost in all the 'hoop'lah of tonight's opener against the Celtics is the fact that the Cavaliers will be playing 4 games in 5 nights to start the season. By the time Halloween comes and goes, the Wine and Gold will have played 4 games already. Here's a look at the Cavaliers first 4 games -

10/27 Vs Boston
10/28 @ Toronto
10/30 @ Minnesota
10/31 Vs Charlotte

While all 3 of the Cavaliers opponents after tonight would have the Cavs favored, the schedule makers certainly didn't do the team any favors as the season gets started. Mike Brown has already expressed concern where the team is at on both ends of the floor, and both Boston and Toronto are tough matchups. In a season with so much external attention, getting off to a fast start is key to avoiding a bunch of negative publicity - for whatever that's worth.