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Fear the Links - 10/28/09 - It's Just One Game



The NBA season is long - some say too long.  That's an important thing to keep in mind today after the Cavaliers 95-89 loss to the Boston Celtics.  Obviously there is plenty of reaction so let's get right to it....

Not exactly a gala debut: Cleveland Cavaliers open with lackluster 95-89 loss to Boston(Brian Windhorst)
The new-look Cavaliers are still stuck in shrink wrap. In the much-anticipated season opener with the rival Boston Celtics Tuesday, the Cavs discovered some new problems and remembered some old ones as they were simply out-played in a 95-89 loss.

For the Cavaliers to construct a championship, there's plenty of heavy lifting yet to do(Bill Livingston)
Almost two hours before tipoff, LeBron James left the court at The Q. Perspiration ran in rivulets down his face and glistened on his arms and torso.

 Sure, it's a loss, but positives outweigh negatives for Cleveland Cavaliers(Terry Pluto)
Repeat after me: It's only one game. That's what Cavaliers fans need to remember after Tuesday's 95-89 loss to Boston in the season opener at Quicken Loans Arena

 Pregame video a team effort for Cavaliers(Jodie Valade)
Shaquille O'Neal waded into an inflatable kiddie pool and allowed water to be poured continuously over his head to simulate emergence from a lake. Daniel Gibson watched his arms be plastered so that dust and debris would fly more distinctly when he smashed them together.

 Windhorst Beat Blog: Still felt like preseason(Brian Windhorst Blog)
The crowd was really into it and the players really cared and all, but in the bubble on the court this had the look of a preseason game for the Cavs. You got a sense that no one, even LeBron James at times, was real sure about what they were doing. This was expected by everyone on and around the team, not that it made it any easier to watch for the fans.


Cavs need time to click as team(Patrick McManamon)
Sometimes it's wise to pay attention to a coach.

Cavs' fast start not enough(George M. Thomas)
After starting the game with a bare-knuckled right hook squarely to the jaw of the Boston Celtics, the Cavaliers needed a strong third quarter to have a chance to win Tuesday night's season opener at Quicken Loans Arena.


Daily Dime: Celtics spoil Cavs season opener
By the hundreds -- no, make that by the thousands -- grimaces, glum looks and blank stares adorned the faces of the Cavaliers' faithful as they streamed through the exit doors of the Q Arena, all of them having borne witness to an inalienable truth.

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers - Box Score
NBA Basketball Box Score: Final statistics from the Boston vs. Cleveland game played on October 27, 2009


Boston’s Big Three—plus Rasheed—spoiled Cleveland’s overhyped season opener on Tuesday night with a 95-89 win over the new-look Cavaliers, who may have LeBron James(notes) and Shaq but appear to be a long way from true title contenders.