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Big Z isn't going anywhere - Ilgauskas trade rumors make little sense

There's a new rumor flying around the NBA involving the Cavaliers.  This one, however, is highly unlikely.  It is being reported in various West Coast outlets that the Golden State Warriors have contacted the Cavaliers about a Stephen Jackson-for-Zydrunas Ilgauskas swap. 

Of course, our friends at Golden State of Mind would love for this to happen.  Jackson is disgruntled and Ilgauskas would give them a low-post scoring threat, as well as some much needed size.

So that begs to question - what motivation would the Cavaliers have to make such a deal?  Why sweat the details?

The fact is, the Cavaliers would have no need to make this deal, unless of course, a guy like Stephon Curry was coming back as well - or Montae Ellis.  I joke, because neither is likely available.

The name of the game for the Cavaliers this summer was to add size.  The lack of a size all over the court came back to bit the Cavaliers during the playoffs and Danny Ferry spent all off-season trying to address it.  Gone are Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic, in come Shaquille O'Neal, Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon.  All added size and length where the Cavaliers needed it most.

So, I ask, why would the Cavaliers trade away the one commodity they have been trying to obtain all summer - size?  Oh yea, not to mention Zydrunas Ilgauskas is an All-Time Great Cavaliers, going through the darkest of times with the franchise.  As much respect that Danny Ferry has for Z, not to mention their friendship, is there any real benefit, on or off the floor, that the Cavaliers would get from making such a move?

Why listen to me, however, here's what Brian Winhorst had to say via his Twitter(@PDCavsInsider)

Z says he's ignoring Warriors trade rumor. As he should, Cavs won't trade big for small unless for a star. Stephen Jackson doesn't qualify.

When trade rumors come remember Cavs will take on salary but they want bigs back. They added size for LAL, Orl, Bos. Not giving it up now


Is there any argument any of you could give as to why this would be GOOD for the Cavaliers??