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Magic, Larry Bird Differ on LeBron

In what is becoming a trend in the sports world, everyone who is anyone has an opinion on where LeBron James should play next season.  Perhaps we should keep a running tally - David Stern think James should stay in Cleveland - so does Reggie Miller.  

What about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird?

The topic came up during a conference call with the two hardwood legends promoting their new book, "When the Game Was Ours", due out this Wednesday.  Much like their playing styles, Bird and Johnson had differing opinions on James as well.

We'll start with Bird, who thinks LeBron should stay right where he is - 

I just hope he stays in Cleveland.  He means so much to that state. Plus, I like to see players stay where they were drafted.

Short, succinct, to the point.

Johnson has a different take on LeBron's future - 

He's an incredible, incredible talent and he would bring a winning atmosphere to New York.  He would be someone the city is buzzing about and want to see. He would create an atmosphere where other players would want to play with him. At the end of the day, he would win a championship.

Apparently, Magic forgets he has James Worthy, Kareem, Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, et al when 'ShowTime' was winning NBA Championships.  LeBron, alone, isn't going to win a playoff series in New York and as it stands there is no way New York can bring in the help James needs any time soon.  I know, details like that shouldn't keep LeBron from heading to New York.

Oh well, on to the Wizards.