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Cavaliers react to the 'Worst call I have ever been a part of'

Here are some of the more memorable quotes after last night's 96-95 loss to the Indiana Pacers --

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown(get your checkbook ready) --

I went back and I watched the last two plays and that last call on LeBron was the worst call I've ever been a part of," a seething Brown said. "I cannot imagine another worse call than that by that official. It was an awful call and for him to take away a basketball game from a team with .4 seconds on the clock is irresponsible. That is an irresponsible call.

It was predetermined from the call that was made on the other end of the floor and it was very unfortunate because there were a lot of men out on the floor that were working their (behind) off to try to win the ball game. We got that game taken away from us on a horse -- excuse my French -- horsecrap call with .2 seconds left on the clock by that official. Absolutely horrible.

You can not ... you can not ... you can not predetermine a call to try to make something up for the other end of the floor.  I saw it. I was a foul down there with .4 second. Down here, it was not. LeBron was in between his man and the basket. He went up in the air when the ball was tipped. And for that official to predetermine his call was awful. It was awful. That why we lost the game.  I never blame the officials. But that call was a predetermined call and he should have swallowed his whistle on it. But he did not.

I don't care if I get fined.  It is what it is. I saw the two plays. It was a bad call. He determined the outcome of the game. If they want to fine me for telling the truth, they can fine me for telling the truth. This is not me. I never do this. If I didn't see what I saw on the tape and live, I wouldn't say anything. I'd swallow it. I'd tell our guys, 'Hey we didn't play well enough.' We didn't play particularly well. But that was a bad call that was predetermined that determined the outcome of the game. Simple as that. They can fine me for this crap. I don't care. That was the worst call I've ever been part of. I'm talking from little league on up.

LeBron James --

I thought the one call on me against Granger [to tie the game] was questionable.  There was definitely some contact, enough for a whistle to be blown. It could have gone both ways.

The last call against me? Not questionable at all. No contact was made. The pass was short. He couldn't get to the rim. It's tough, especially for me, being the competitor I am. It hurts. It hurts a lot.

Watch the video and judge for yourself --