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Cavaliers return to practice floor, I return from boycott

The Cavaliers return from the All Star break today, heading back to the practice floor before flying to Toronto for tomorrow night's game against the Raptors.  I also return from my self imposed boycott. 

What did I boycott you ask?  Well, it's pretty simple.  I am a Cavaliers fan, which makes me a basketball fan.  The "festivities" that filled this past weekend can hardly be called basketball.  WHile I know the All Star game is "for the fans" and the players are trying to "put on a show".  The problem is, basketball fans would like to see a little basketball sprinkled in.  Watching the best players on the planet care little about defense, take ill-advised shots and play at a level below black-top ball is not a show.  It's a joke.

I would love to see these guys go at each other, I mean really go at each other.  See the best 5 X 5 game in the world. Instead they have made a mockery of the game.  So, I boycott.

Now that real basketball returns, we can get back to the business of trying to win the #1 Seed in the East, and talk about trade possibilites.  The NBA Trade Deadline is this Thursday, 3PM est.  I'll have all of that and more later today.  Welcome back, Cavs Fans, it's going to be a fun ride!