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NBA Trade Deadline Live-Blog

This is your home for all the rumors, real and otherwise, when it comes to the NBA Trade Deadline.  All trades must be completed by 3PM est today.  We'll keep updating as the rumors and deals come in. 

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3:00 PM -- And.....TIME!  While trades will be announced as the afternoon goes on, it appears the Cavaliers avoided the temptation and will take a team that is 41-11 into the playoffs.  I wrote a couple days ago that I thought that was the best scenario.  While all the trade talk is fun and exciting, I still believe that.

2:53 PM -- JA Adande is saying Shaq is staying put.

2:50 PM -- There is a possibility that the Cavs and Suns could get something done, just not involving the players we thought.  A deal between Cleveland and Phoenix involving F Matt Barnes is a possibility.

2:45 PM -- Looks like Richard Jefferson will stay with Milwaukee.  He had been linked to the Cavaliers, but we couldn't think the Bucks would dump another talented player to the Cavs, could we?

2:20 PM -- Line of the day so far, regarding the Knicks acquiring of Larry Hughes --

For the Knicks, the trade is a bigger deal. Hughes can be a dynamic scorer and fills a huge need for the Knicks in the backcourt as they continue their push toward the playoffs. The Knicks have struggled to find scoring at the two-guard since trading Jamal Crawford to the Warriors.

Who would have thought the words "dynamic" would be used to describe Hughes, and "push to the playoffs" when talking about the Knicks. The NBA -- Where B.S. Happens!

2:00 PM -- One hour to go.  Does Danny Ferry and the brains behind the Wine and Gold have a bullet in their chamber??

1:48 PM -- The latest -- as I stated before, the Cavs and Suns are looking for a 3rd team to help the Suns out with the money.  More to come...

There also appears to be a 2nd deal on the table.  According to sources, the teams involved, including the Cavs, could be at the point where draft pick compensation is being discussed.  This is just rumor.

1:37 PM -- Larry Hughes is on the move again, this time to New York and the Knicks. As for the Cavs, there is no way I trade Wally Szczerbiak to the Phoenix Suns in a deal for Shaq. Talk about financially crippling the franchise. Now, if we can get a 3rd team involved...

12:30 PM -- Sources, like ESPN's Chad Ford, are talking about the possibility that the Cavaliers could have a shot at Carlos Boozer as well.  Personally, I have no idea how I would feel about that move.  While there is no indication the Cavs are talking to the Jazz, he would be a better fit with Cleveland than Shaq, and the money the Jazz would save has to be enticing.

Noon -- 3 hours to go and the Cavaliers are one of the most aggressive teams in the NBA right now.  It is appearing that the Cavs are trying to work a deal with Phoenix Suns for Shaq.  Sources are telling Brian Windhorst that the Cavs have offered Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic for the Big Diesel. 

Windhorst explains that this deal would be great for the Suns because Wallace's contract actually goes down in value next year while Sasha's contract is only guarunteed for $1 million, making it close to an expiring deal.

The Cavs are also discussing Richard Jefferson with the Bucks, but that is considered a long-shot right now.