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Cavaliers nearing milestones as they take to the road

Ok.  It's 8 of the next 10 on the road against most of the great teams in the NBA.  It's going to be tough.  We get it.  So, without turning the dead horse into glue, let's focus on some of the milestones the Cavaliers could reach over the next 4 games in 5 days.

Fts_small_medium Eclipse 2007-08 Win Total -- Last season the Cavaliers won 45 games.  All year.  With a win tonight in Houston(easier said than done) the Cavaliers would win their 45th game, in only 56 chances.  A remarkable improvement.  The Cavaliers have had to right attitude right from the start of the season, especially against the bottom half of the League.  Playing down to the competition has been a problem for LeBron James his entire career, until this season.  The Cavs are on pace to win 66 games, crushing the team record for wins in a season(57, set twice).

Fts_small_medium Eclipse 2007-08 Road Win Total -- 18 road wins is all the Cavaliers could muster last season.  They are there this season and we haven't reached March yet.  Their next road win would be #19 and puts them well on their way to breaking the team record for road wins(22 in 1991-92).  Even in the 50 win seasons of a couple years ago, the Cavaliers were under .500 on the road.  With 4 more road wins(how great would it be to sweep the next 4 games), the Cavaliers would guarantee their first winning road campaign of LeBron James' career.

Fts_small_medium Exorcise Some Demons --  The Cavs play their toughest 4 games in 5 night stretch of the season against teams that have given them some trouble, both this season and in the past.  The Cavs play in Houston tonight, a team that has always played the Cavaliers tough.  The matchup in Cleveland was a hard fought, physical game that wasn't decided until the 4th quarter.  Even with the win, the Cavs are 3-8 against the Rockets in the LeBron James era, and just 1-4 in the Toyota Center.  Houston is hot as well, winners of 5 straight, and are 23-6 at home.

Then comes the Spurs, no need to talk about the 2007 Finals, followed by visits to Miami and Atlanta, both teams who have beaten the Cavaliers this season in their buildings.

Fts_small_medium Inch Closer to Division Championship -- I talked about this the other day, but it bears repeating.  The Cavaliers have won the Central Division just once in their history - 1975-76.  Never in the Mark Price/Brad Daugherty/Larry Nance years did the Cavaliers win the Central.  With another Piston loss last night, the Cavaliers "Magic Number" sits at 10.  It's not the goal, but in a season where the Cavaliers are re-writing their record books it bears mention and should be celebrated.

Fts_small_medium Give the Nay-Sayers a Can of Shut the Hell Up -- A tough stretch like this is just what the Cavaliers need to quiet their critics who feel that only Boston or LA can be effected by injuries.  Truth be told, LeBron has not been a consistent winner on the road, and to win a Championship the Cavaliers are going to have to start doing it, against solid competition.  With Boston losing to the Clippers last night, the Cavaliers can use this stretch to take hold of the #1 Seed in the East while sending a message that they mean business. 

This is the least important to the Cavs, and us fans to be honest, but with 3 of the 4 games on National TV, this is a great opportunity for James and the Cavaliers to show the world they are Championship-ready.