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West decides to play through pain and other injury updates

Delonte West may have pushed it a little too hard, too fast. The result was pain and swelling a spot on the bench a couple nights later.  After an X-Ray and a visit to a hand specialist, West has decided to return to the lineup tonight against the Rockets in Houston.

West was told by the specialist that while the wrist is not completely healed the risk of West re-injuring the wrist is low and his ability to play is to be determined by pain tolerance.  That could mean West will play limited minutes, or miss the back half of back-to-back games.  The Cavs play 4 games the next 5 days, so the likelihood that West sees action in all of them would appear to be remote.

In other news, Sasha Pavlovic took part in the shoot around this morning and is ahead of schedule in his return from a high-ankle sprain suffered in the loss to the Lakers February 9th.  It was thought that Sasha would miss 4-6 weeks, but now it looks like he could be back after the road trip.