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Could Joe Smith, or 'Mystery Man', come to the Cavaliers rescue?

Interesting developments on the Joe Smith buy-out front.  Brian Windhorst states that progress between Smith and the Oklahoma City Thunder are progressing and that it is likely a buyout arrangement will be worked out in time for Sunday's deadline.

Multiple league sources said on Saturday that Smith and the Oklahoma City Thunder are making progress in buyout talks and there is a favorable chance the sides will come to an agreement by Sunday's midnight waiver deadline. It has also become clear that the Cavs would be Smith's top choice if all the terms can be agreed on.

If all the hurdles can be cleared, Smith would be put on waivers on Monday and become an outright free agent by Wednesday morning.

Windhorst also claims that Smith's first choice would be the Cavaliers.

The rest of his story leaves a little to the imagination.

According to the report, there could be a 'Mystery Man' that becomes available some time tomorrow as well.

But there still may be some more drama surrounding the Cavs, who continue their road trip Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks in their second game since Ben Wallace broke his right leg.

There was some growing chatter within NBA circles Saturday that another and more high-profile forward could also become a free agent via a buyout on Sunday. One source said the name would "surprise" a lot of people if it can get done and the Cavs would likely be interested.

Who this player is remains a huge question mark, but there is little doubt that if the guy plays the 4 or 5 the Cavaliers will have to show interest.