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Cavs Win #50 in improbable fashion 87-83

I still can't believe what I just saw.  I really can't.  The Cleveland Cavaliers were simply awful for 38 minutes. They trailed by 19(73-54) with 10:56 remaining in the game.  All signs pointed to the Cavaliers repeating a feat the Boston Celtics pulled in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago - a bad road loss.  Then something happened.  The Cavaliers found their identity and the Clippers remembered theirs.

I could spin poetic all night about this game, but in the end it matters little.  The important numbers are 50 and 22.  For the Cavaliers, it was win #50 on the season, the 3rd time in Mike Brown's four seasons as head Coach that the Cavs reached the plateau.  Unlike the previous two occasions, the Cavs will hardly stop there and look to be headed to the high 60s.

This was also road win #22, tying a franchise record.  Perhaps fittingly, the last Cavaliers team to win 22 games on the road was the 1975-76 'Miracle at Richfield' Cavaliers, and if tonight wasn't a miracle I don't know what was.

This Cavaliers team finds a way.  It was ugly, very ugly most of the night, especially for Mo Williams, but it was Williams hitting the big shot once again, with 6.6 seconds to go to turn a 1 point deficit into a 2 point lead.  Williams finished the scoring by burying 2 free throws with .6 second left to seal the victory.  You could see the loof of relief on the faces of the Wine and Gold, and the disbelief on the faces of the Clippers. 

Mentally, this is another win for the Cavaliers to file into the confidence archives.  They'll need to win games like this in April, May and June and with a couple of these wins the past week, on the road, it will be a huge benefit come playoff time.

Oh, ho-hum, another Triple-Double for the REAL MVP LeBron James.