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Larry Hughes talks his past, LeBron's future

Larry Hughes seems to be enjoying his time with the New York Knicks.  After looking lost his first 3 games as a Knick, the former Cavalier has upped his game, averaging 21.8 points the past 10 days.  Hughes will make his first visit to Cleveland as a member of the Knicks on Sunday and talked a bit about his time in Cleveland and his friendship with LeBron James.

When it comes to what James might do, this summer or next, Hughes' opinion won't be a popular one, in New York at least --

I think it would be a tough situation for him to actually leave everything.  It's set up for him there, being from the area [and] taking that team as far as he's taken them. He's the face of the organization. He's the face of sports in that city. It would be tough.

Hughes did backtrack a bit, most likely to appease the New York media --

I'd definitely think he'd consider it especially if he doesn't re-sign.  I think all his options will be open. At the same time, I think he's going to go to a place where he feels he could win the most and also get the exposure of being in that market.

According to Hughes, he and LeBron text message twice a week and their wives are close friends, dispelling rumors that the two didn't get along.


Perhaps the most insightful comments from Hughes involved his time, and eventual departure from Cleveland.  Hughes was signed to a big money deal, but injuries and off-court tragedy never really allowed his game to blossom in Cleveland, leading to his request for a trade last February.

"I needed to get out of there.  A lot of personal things happened [that] made it tough. It wasn't about the city, wasn't about the team.

I needed to get out of that city. It's tough when you drive on the same roads you heard bad news. I tried to get out of there and get a clear head. I talked to management and told them I needed to just get something new going. They helped me out, and I feel 100 percent better now."

Larry is an emotional guy.  I believe he wanted it to work in Cleveland, but it just wasn't a good fit.  Personally, I am glad it is working out for Hughes in New York, and things are working out very well for the Cavs as well.