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Cavs beat Kings, clinch Central Division title

The City of Cleveland has a championship, though not the one we are all hoping for or wanting.  It is a step towards that ultimate goal and one that the Cavaliers have not accomplished in over 30 years.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are your 2008/09 NBA Central Division Champions after beating the Sacramento Kings 126-123 in OT.  A game that was once again alot harder than it should have been.

LeBron James is the MVP.  There should be no question, and anyone who doesn't vote for him just hasn't been watching basketball this season.  Sure, he scored 51 points.  That is what will get all the headlines.  It was his defense, however, especially in the 4th quarter on Kevin Martin that allowed the Cavaliers to come back from 14 points down in the 4th quarter.

This is not how Mike Brown,who didn't last long enough to see the Cavs win the game after being ejected, or LeBron himself want to play and win games.  The Cavaliers defense was once again non-existent for large stretches of the 1st and 3rd quarters.  Each time the Cavs fell behind by double-digits, both times the defense brought them back.

I could talk about the officiating, which was downright atrocious, but that would spoil the moment.  It's a great day to be Cavs fan.  The team accomplished something that hasn't been done in a long time, and a player, already on of the best we've ever seen, locked down his first(of many) MVP Awards.



Cleveland --

Scoring -          LeBron James (16/30 - 51 points)
Rebounds -     Anderson Varejao (12 rebounds)
Assists -          LeBron James (9 assists)

Sacramento --

Scoring -           Kevin Martin (9/21 - 34 points)
Rebounds -      Andres Nocioni (9 rebounds)
Assists -           Spencer Hawes (4 assists)