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Race for the #1 Seed -- The week ahead(3/2)

This week we add the Lakers to the list as the battle for the #1 Seed through the playoffs is heating up.  Just 24 games remain for the Cavaliers --


Th_cle_2_mediumLos Angeles Lakers(48-12) - Last Week(2-2) - This Week -- 2 Games(2 Home)

The Lakers looked to be unstoppable before a couple of losses this pas week brought them back down to earth.  Two road losses, at Denver and at Phoenix have the Lakers within the Cavaliers' sights for the #1 seed and home court throughout the playoffs.  After a busy week last week, the Lakers get a bit of a repreive, playing just twice this week.  Both games are at Staples, against lackluster opponents and the Lakers shuold have little trouble.

3/3 - Vs. Memphis    (15-43)
3/6 - Vs. Minnesota  (18-41)

Th_cle_2_mediumCleveland Cavaliers(46-12) - Last Week(3-1) - This Week -- 4 Games(2 Home, 2 Road)

The Cavaliers finish their tough 4 games/5 nights road trip tonight in Miami.  A win, and the Wine and Gold go 3-1 and all is right with the world.  Things stay fun this week, with Miami(2x) and Boston on tap. A visit from the Bucks can't be overlooked either.  The Cavaliers have still played 3 fewer games than the Celtics, 2 fewer than the Lakers.  It's time to make some of those up, making for alot of games in a short amount of time.

3/2 - @ Miami             (31-27)
3/4 - Vs. Milwaukee  (29-33)
3/6 - @ Boston           (47-14)
3/7 - Vs. Miami           (31-27)

Th_bos_mediumBoston Celtics(47-14) - Last Week (2-2) - This Week -- 3 Games(2 Home, 1 Road)

A couple easy wins without Kevin Garnett and things looked ok in Boston.  Then the road loss to the Clippers, followed by a double-digit home defeat to the Pistons.  Should the Celtics be concerned?  Perhaps we'll get a good indication when the Cavaliers make their final regular season visit to Boston on Friday Night.  Given how the Cavaliers have handled the Celtics in Cleveland the past couple of years, this game has huge ramifications.  Ph, and a visit from the Magic next Sunday shouldn't be overlooked, either.

3/4 - @ New Jersey (26-33)
3/6 - Vs. Cleveland   (46-12)
3/8 - Vs. Orlando      (43-16)

Th_orl2_mediumOrlando Magic(43-16) - Last Week 2-2 - This Week -- 3 Games(2 Home, 1 Away)

The Magic finished a 4 games in 5 nights stretch of their own last night, out-scoring the 76'ers by 16 in the 4th quarter to win.  It salvaged a split of the 4 games and dropped them further behind the Celtics and Cavaliers.  Three games on tap this week with the trip to Boston the highlight.  The Magic need to start winning again if they are to catch either Cleveland or Boston in the East.

3/3- Vs. Phoenix         (34-25)
3/6 - Vs. New Jersey (26-33)
3/8 - @ Boston            (47-14)