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Game #59 - Cleveland Cavaliers @ Miami Heat Game Night Open Thread

Atlanta Hawks main logo
Orlando Magic main logo
March 3rd, 2009
Miami, FL
7:30 PM est
Radio - WTAM / TV - FSN HD
Probable starters:
Mo Williams PG Mario Chalmers
Delonte West SG Dwyane Wade
LeBron James SF Jamario Moon
Anderson Varejao PF Udonis Haslem
Zydrunas Ilgauskas C Jermaine O'Neal

What better way to finish out this road trip that by beating the Heat in Miami to go 3-1 for the weekend? It would tie the franchise record for road wins in a season(21) and give the Cavaliers another win in their quest for Home Court advantage.

Talk about the game here in the comments! They Auto-Refresh, bringing an awesome game night experience!