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FearTheSword gets a bit of a facelift!

You may have noticed, though it is quite possible you did not, that the site was down for a couple of hours this morning for some maintenance and upgrades.  That update has been completed and now those upgrades are available.

Here are some of them. We now have  new team pagee with links to stories, FanPosts and FanShots from here and other SBN sites about the Cavaliers. On the top of the page there are tabs linking to the schedule, roster and team stat pages.

Each player also has his own individual stat page (this link goes to LeBron James), with complete career stats (yes, I know it looks odd with those leading and trailing zeroes. I've asked about those).

SBN has also contracted with the AP and Getty Images to give us access to licensed game photos from every game. The one included is from Sunday's game with Dallas.

Hope you like these, and also, if you haven't checked it out on your wireless device, we also have a version formatted for those at (the tech team is working on ways for you to post comments there).