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Celtics hold serve at home, blast Cavaliers 105-94

The Boston Celtics are the defending World Champions.  Tonight they reminded anyone who may have forgotten.  Already without the services of Kevin Garnett and Brian Scalabrine and playing a majority of the 2nd half with Glen Davis, the Celtics dominated the paint and outplayed the Cavaliers at every turn, winning 105-94. 

I could go on and on, get negative, talk about how bad the Cavaliers played, blah, blah, blah.  I won't.  I'll give credit to the Champs for doing what they had to do on their floor.  Let's face it, despite what you read in the papers, the Celtics needed this game more than the Cavs did.  The Celts have played more games that the Cavs and have fewer home games remaining.  The two team play each other only once more, and that game takes place in Cleveland.  The Celts played with a high level of intensity and the Cavaliers didn't match it.

I have to admit that it is worrisome to watch Leon Powe, Glen Davis and Kendrick Perkins make chop liver of the Cavs front court.  The three young big men set the tone and combined 19-29 shooting for 40 points.  The trio also grabbed 21 rebounds.  Disturbing to be sure and another example of the vulnerability the Cavaliers have inside when team choose to attack it.

It was nice to see Joe Smith back on the floor, but it appeared he was trying a bit too hard on the offensive end settling for a ton of outside jump shots.  The result - 3/8 for 7 points in 22 minutes.

Missing 11 free throws is unacceptable as well.

That said, the Cavaliers still have a game lead in the loss column and play the Celtics again.  The bigger game, in my opinion, is tomorrow night against the Heat at the Q.  The Cavaliers have done a great job all season of putting a bad performance behind them and rising to the occasion next time out, especially LeBron James.  That doesn't bode will for the Heat.