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Fan Appreciation likely to be void of stars

Tonight is the final game of the regular season, at home and overall.  We all know the Cavaliers have a chance to tie Boston's 40-1 home record, but we also know that when it comes right down to it tonight's game means, well, nothing.  The Cavaliers know this too, obviously, and despite the wishes of the fans(most, anyway) and the media, it appears as though Mike Brown will take the cautious, yet wise, approach.

From reading between the lines, it looks like the extent of LeBron James' physical activity tonight will end after pre-game introductions.

"We're not fighting for breaking a record any more," James said. "We're fighting for that ring. So what Mike says goes -- and I'm with Mike. If Mike wants to rest some of the big guys -- myself, I'm going to sit out on Wednesday -- I'm all for that because [in] the playoffs -- you've got to be fresh."

I guess that settles that.  So, LeBron will sit, and if you ask me he won't be the only one.  Zydrunas Ilgauskas would be another likely candidate to take the night off, as well as Delonte West. 

As for the Coach?  Well, he knows just how important the fans have been so far this year.

"We definitely want to thank them," Brown said. "They've been terrific the entire year. They've been terrific the entire time I've been here. The fan base has grown and grown and grown. They really show their appreciation during the course of games. That building is -- if not the loudest -- it has got to be in the top three in the entire league. That atmosphere helps us win games.

"You know how teams and organizations always say the fans are the sixth man? I really believe it. If people think anything different when they're in our building they don't follow sports too well."

True, but tonight the patience of the fans will be put to the test, unless, of course, $1 million in prizes is enough to quench their thirst.