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Despite loss, Cavaliers may have won big against Philly

39-2 will have to do.  I don;t think anyone is ashamed of that.  Especially if they watched how the Cavaliers, with 6 of their top 7 players in street clothes, took playoff-bound Philadelphia to Overtime before bowing out 111-110.

Even in defeat, the Cavaliers may have won bigger than they ever thought possible.  Daniel Gibson has found his shot, and in a big way.  Gibson scored 28 points on 12/24 shooting, including huge 3 after huge 3 in the 4th quarter.  If not for a slip with 3 seconds to go Gibson may have drilled the winning shot.  As it is, Gibson should head into the playoffs full of confidence.  That is a big plus for the Cavaliers who may be able to surround LeBron James with yet another shooter.

Wally Szczerbiak also turned back the clock a bit, going off for 21-8-8.  Wally found his stroke as well.  Sasha chipped in with 20 giving the Cavaliers another option if they need it.

40-1 would have been great, but the most important thing is the ring.  The Cavaliers bench-bunch made all of us roud tonight and reminded us just how deep this team really is.

Now the fun starts.  Soon we'll find out when the Cavaliers start their run to a Title.  Everyone now starts at 0-0 in a race to 16.  Buckle up, it should be one hell of a ride!