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Doc Rivers: Garnett likely out for the playoffs

Doc Rivers saw Kevin Garnett try and play this morning during practice and didn't really like what he saw.  Rivers had Garnett shut it down, and told WEEI this morning that Garnett's prospects of playing this postseason weren't very good --

In an interview this morning on Boston sports radio station WEEI, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said it was likely that Kevin Garnett would not be ready to play at all in the playoffs. "After today there's no way he can play," said Rivers, who left open the possibility his star could return at some point in the postseason but was not optimistic.

While a potential matchup with the Celtics is stil 4 weeks or so away, this is certainly big news for Cleveland and Orlando, Boston's potential 2nd Round opponent.

In all honesty, this is sad news.  I want every team in the playoffs to be at full strength.  No excuses for winning or losing.  As Cleveland found out about a month ago, however, Boston is pretty damn good at home even without Garnett...

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