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Lorenzen Wright injury shows why Cavs rested starters

There has been alot of talk, locally and nationally, about the Cavaliers decision to rest all their starters, specifically in the 2nd half, against the 76'errs the other night, missing out on an opportunity to tie the 85-86 Boston Celtics for the best home record ever.  If you are still on the fence, this news should help you decide --

Cavaliers forward/center Lorenzen Wright suffered a left thumb fracture in the second half of last night’s game versus the Philadelphia 76ers at Quicken Loans Arena. Further x-rays and evaluation was done today at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health. He will have surgery tomorrow performed by Dr. Peter Evans (Hand Specialist) and Dr. Rick Parker at the Cleveland Clinic. He is expected to be out six weeks.

Now, the injury itself is not crushing to the Cavs as Wright has been a bit-player all season.  But injuries like this occur, and we could easily be talking about Z, or Anderson, or even LeBron. 

Kudos to Mike Brown and the team for keeping the focus where it belongs, on winning a championship!