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Cavs need to just plain beat the Wizards tonight

Despite the fact that the Cavaliers return to action tonight against a team with the worst record in the Eastern Conference, I am really looking forward to this game.  For one, I really enjoy watching every minute of every Cavaliers game.  In addition, I really, really don't like the Washington Wizards.  Even better, they don't like the Cavaliers much either.

Yes, beating the Wiz three straight years in the playoffs was awesome, and the DeShawn Stevenson - LeBron Jame feud was laughable, but somewhere amongst their cockiness is something that really bothers me.  

Washington, as bad as they are and as good as the Cavaliers are, really give the Cavs a tough time.  It happened on Christmas night when the Cavs had to rally from 8 points down in the final minutes to get a win.  Then again 10 days later when the Wizards beat the Cavaliers by 3 in Washington.   Both of those games were played with the Wizards missing Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Hayward. 

Tonight, both appear to be in action, including Arenas who sat out last night's loss to Memphis.  Arenas scored 15 points and brought down 10 rebounds in his only game this season, Saturday night against Detroit, and we all know he has this game penciled in as one he wants to play in.

Overall the Cavaliers have lost 3 straight in Washington, 7 of 8 overall.  This entire season has been about the Cavaliers overcoming obstacles, and tonight would have to be considered another.  The Wiz have won 17 games all season, the Cavaliers 16 in March alone.  The Cavs are still fighting for the overall #1 seed in the NBA, and face a tough trip to Orlando tomorrow.  Tonight would almost be considered a must win, though should the Cavaliers lose it would matter little.

I just want to see the Cavs give the Wizards one more beating before moving on to bigger and better things.  They'll play the Wiz in Cleveland next week, but a road win in Washington would be sweet indeed.