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Streak Over - Wizards beat Cavs in D.C., again

What can be said that really needs to be.  The Cavaliers have lost 14 games all season, and two of those have come to the Washington Wizards.  There is littel doubt that the Wiz bring their 'A' game when Cleveland comes to town, but it seems to go deeper than that.  The Cavaliers get out of their game.

Tonight it seemed non of the Cavaliers really wanted to be out there, at least after the Wine and Gold jumped out to an 11-2 lead.  Not much went right for the Cavaliers and despite trimming a 15-point deficit to 1 late in the fourth, the Wizards, as they so often do, made all the hustle plays and got the job done.

Joe Smith left the game early and Darnell Jackson, who has obviously passed J.J. Hickson on the depth chart, played well in his place. 

Other than that, it was a 3-point shot fest ofr Cleveland, a style of play that fits right in with what the Wizards like to do, turn your misses into easy points.  The Cavaliers were 11-30 from behind the arc, a far cry from the 28-53 they shot from inside the 3-point line.

The Wizards took advantage of the same vulnerability that has plagued the Cavaliers in the past - Antawn Jamison(19 points), Brendan Haywood(12 points) and Darius Songalia(17 points) got anything they wanted inside. 

Overall it is what it is for the Cavaliers.  They still have the best record in the NBA, though that distinction is in a bit of trouble with a trip to Orlando on tap for tomorrow.

Until then, file this game where it deserves to be filed and move on.  The Magic await!