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Early prep for Game 2 - Cavs need to keep the pressure on Pistons

Ok.  Can we all agree on something?  Anyone NOT think that Game 2 of the Cavaliers/Pistons series should be played tonight instead of tomorrow?  Talk about losing all flow and rhythem in a playoff series. 

Ok, exit soapbox.

When it comes to Game 2, the Cavaliers need to look no further than Orlando and Boston for any needed motivation.  Both Boston and Orlando lost their home-court advantage in Game 1 home defeats, both in crushing fashion. 

Boston lost to the Bulls in Overtime, of course, after Paul Pierce missed a free throw that would have given the Celtics the lead with 2.7 seconds to go.

Orlando led by 18 points late in the 3rd quarter before giving it all away in a 100-98 loss ot Philadelphia.

The Cavaliers know, if they aren't careful, the same could happen to them, and a series split on the road is the goal of every NBA team when a series starts.  No need to let the Pistons think they have a shot.

Now, the smack of reality in all of this.  The Cavaliers have been the NBA's best team in taking it one day, one game at a time.  LeBron and the rest of the Cavaliers have said it all year and you get the sense they really mean it.  Cleveland also knows that the Pistons, while saying all the right things, have the look of a team that is counting the days until their late spring/summer vacations get started.

The evidence is all over the court.  Rodney Stuckey drive the lane, gets fouled and hits the deck.  One teammate comes to help him up, after a 3 second delay.  Much different than the Cavaliers approach, which is more of a race to see who can help the fallen teammate up first.

I was leary of this series when it started, and I feel rightfully so, but after watching Game 1, it is hard to see Detroit finding a way to win a game in this series, in Cleveland, Detroit or on the moon.

Here's hoping the Pistons are enjoying their time in Cleveland.  It will likely be the last time they are here until sometime next winter.