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Pistons will focus on LeBron, James will focus on team

We've seen this before.  LeBron James did pretty much anything he wanted in Game 1 against Detroit in scoring 38 points in 41 minutes.  The Pistons, in a knee-jerk reaction, will throw everything but the kitchen sink at LeBron tonight, vowing to stop #23.  Enter Mo Williams and Delonte West.

What LeBron James does better than anyone, the reason he is the MVP of the Association, is because he makes the players on the court with him better.  He puts his teammates in a position to succeed.  Tonight, LeBron the Creator will be on full display after an appearance from LeBron the Scorer.

Mo Williams was admittedly off on Saturday, failing, in his mind at least, to raiser his intensity to a playoff level.  Don't expect that tonight.  Mo is hungry - hungry to prove to everyone that he is a true 2nd option in the Cavaliers offense, that this isn't 1-on-5 basketball.

Delonte West will be ready to. West played a solid game on Saturday and is finally looking completely healed from the broken wrist.  Look for a solid start from Delonte as well.

If the Pistons do come and double LeBron every time he gets the ball, watch for pick-and-pop chances with Z, and pick-and-roll chances with Andy.  The Cavs have been killing Detroit with that for years and should Detroit start the game hell bent on forcing someone other than LeBron to beat them, well, then LeBron will find someone.

If Game 1 was all about LeBron James, tonight is going to be all about the Cavaliers as a whole.