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Holding serve, Cavaliers toy with Pistons 94-82, take 2-0 lead

In what was barely a game from the start, the Cavaliers took a 2-0 series lead over the Detroit Pistons, hanging on for a 94-82 win.  For the 6th straight time the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Detroit Pistons in the playoffs, leading by as many as 29.  LeBron James, Mo Williams and Delonte West combined to score 70 points and the Cavaliers shot 43 free throws.

The story of the game will be, at least in the eyes of the media that want to bring interest to the rest of the country, how the Cavaliers floundered a 27 point lead to start the 4th quarter, with the Pistons cutting it to 7 before Cleveland closed the door.  That could be a story.  Let me be the one to tell you.  It is a non-story.  The Cavaliers toyed with Detroit.  Every time the Cavs focused as a unit, they stretched their lead.  What has happened now, instead of a 'fat' Cavaliers team heading to Detroit, it is a mad Wine and Gold unit heading to Motown.

Behind a stifling defense, the Cavaliers held the Pistons to 50 points through 3 quarters.  That's when it became a battle of the bench guys, a battle that Detroit started to win.  There is little doubt that Cleveland lost focus, which is unacceptable, but this is the NBA Playoffs, and any team in the tourney should have enough pride to not take a 30 point embarrassment lying down.

The Cavaliers now have three days to fester on their 4th quarter performance, to hear that somehow a 12-point defeat, in a game the Pistons never had a shot to win, during a series the Pistons can't win, was a confidence builder for Detroit.  That should lead to a motivated group on Friday Night.

All that matters during the Playoffs is the final score.  The Cavaliers lead the Pistons 2-0 and have won both games by double-digits.  Just as wel hoped.