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Breaking Their Will; Cavaliers take 3-0 lead 79-68

It was ugly, really, really ugly.  The final score was beautiful, however, another double-digit win for the Cavaliers and a 3-0 lead in their playoffs series against the Pistons.  Detroit has to be wondering what they have to do.  Perhaps they are resigned to their fate which is looking more and more like a 4-game sweep.

LeBron James was an assist shy of a triple double(25-11-9) and the Cavaliers defense was stifling all night, holding Detroit under 20 points in every quarter.  It was the type of game fans may not enjoy but Mike Brown had to smile when he looked at the stat sheet.  Detroit shot 38% from the field, only 33% from deep.

Every game seems to have a new bench player stepping up and playing a huge role.  Game 3 was no exception with Joe Smith scoring 19 points on 6-8 shooting.  To think, that could have been Antonio McDyess' role, but he somehow thought Detroit would have a better shot at a title.  Wonder what he is thinking now, watching the team he spurned rolling towards the Finals.

Detroit is now facing some long odds, with no team in NBA history having come back from an 0-3 hole(0-85).  The Cavaliers have also beat the Pistons 7 straight times in the playoffs.  All numbers that can't make a Pistons fan happy.

Meanwhile, Philly beat Orlando, the Jazz are looking to even their series with the Lakers, and Boston looks to take control of their series with the Bulls.  Keep workin' hard, fellas.  The Cavs will take care of their business then get some rest.

Game 4, in Detroit, comes at you at 3:30 on Sunday.  Cavs win and they rest.