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The Race for the #1 Seed -- The Week Ahead(4/6)

Only two weeks left in the regular season, and what was once a 3-game lead for the Cavaliers over the Lakers has been trimmed to 1.  The Cavaliers shook off their two-game losing streak by beating the Spurs by 20.  Can they continue their success this week?


Th_cle_2_mediumCleveland Cavaliers(62-15) - Last Week(2-2) - This Week -- 3 Games(2 Home, 1 Away)

After winning 13 straight, the Cavaliers lost at Washington and Orlando.  The doubters are now in full effect, despite the 20-point win over San Antonio.  The Cavaliers at 2-6 against the best teams in the NBA, a stat the will no doubt gets drilled into our collective heads for the next 2 months.

The Cavs get to exact some revenge against the Wizards this week and finish the week with a visit from the Celtics.  That should be fun.

4/08 - Washington        (18-60)
4/10 - @ Philadelphia   (40-36)
4/12 - Boston                 (58-19)   

Th_cle_2_mediumLos Angeles Lakers(61-16) - Last Week(3-1) - This Week -- 4 Games(2 Home, 2 Away)

Another 3-1 week for the Lakers who sit just 1 game behind the Cavaliers, and own the tie-breaker.  A relatively easy week up-comin, with a trip to Portland on Friday night the only potential bump in the road(sure, they play Denver too, but that is in LA.

Neither the Cavs or Lakers can really afford to lose this week.

4/07 - @ Sacramento    (16-60)
4/09 - Denver                   (52-26)
4/10 - @ Portland           (48-28)

4/12 - Memphis               (22-54)