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Cavaliers Round 2 schedule set.....sort of

We finally know when the Cavaliers will get back on the floor in games that matter, well, almost.

The Cavs have been resting, waiting, and getting alot of practice in since last Sunday when they finished off a 4-game sweep of the Detroit Pistons. Their opponent in Round 2 will be the winner of the Hawks/Heat series, currently headed to Game 6 tonight with the Hawks leading 3-2.

When the Cavaliers host Game 1 is yet to be determined. Should the Hawks finish off the Heat tonight in Miami, the Cavaliers and Hawks would play Game 1 this Sunday at The Q. Game 2 would be played Tuesday night, also at The Q.

If the Heat extend the series to a 7th Game, the eventual winner of the series would head to Cleveland for Game 1 on Tuesday Night, with Game 4 on Thursday Night.

What we do know for sure is when Games 3 and 4 are to be played. No matter when the series starts, Game 3 will be played on Saturday and Game 4 on Monday. Given a Tuesday start, that wouldn't actually be too bad, with the first four games coming every other day. Should the Cavs play Sunday/Tuesday, there would be a 3-day layoff between games 2 and 3. Not much fun there at all.

No matter who it is, or when it is played, it is time to start getting amped up for Round 2.