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Western Conference Finals Game 1 Open Thread

I know it's a bit early, but I'm itchin' for some basketball, and I know you folks are too. Lot of good storylines in this one, and lots of questions...

Will Kobe Beef take The Logo's words to heart and fizzle into the the smoggy LA night, or will he rise to the challenge and put on a show for the Chosen One and millions of others to see? Will Bynum be Bynum? We 'Melo be (new) 'Melo? Can Mr. Big Shot quiet the deafeningly indifferent khaki and polo Hollywood crowd with devastating daggers from deep? Will Paul Gasol finally realize that pranksters have conspired to leave the "L" off of his jersey for years? How much grosser can Jack Nicholson get in his old age?

All these questions and more, soon to be answered in round one of The Biggest Los... ahem, the Western Conference Finals.



And so begins the journey to One Center Court.