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Fear The Links - Wednesday 5/20

Fear The Links brings you the best Cavs news every day.  If you find any good Cavs stories online send them to me at and I'll add them to the links.  Hope you enjoy!


Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Brian Windhorst looks at how Danny Ferry built this team and what he has learned  from past mistakes.
  • Windhorst also gives his Cavs Insider notes where he discusses how Mo Williams is anxious to get back on the court.  He also notes that Courtney Lee is going to replace J.J. Redick in the starting lineup for Game 1.
  • And Windhorst finally gives his breakdown of the Cavs/Magic series and tells three things the Cavs must do to win (with help from an NBA scout).  No prediction, unfortunately.
  • Jodie Valade looks at the home-court advantage the Cavs have playing in the Q.

Akron Beacon-Journal

The Morning Journal

  • Bob Finnan says defending Howard is the key for the Cavs.

Around the Internet

  • Chris Mannix at gives his preview of the Cavs/Magic series and predicts the Cavs in 6.
  • Charley Rosen at gives reasons why the Cavs should win in 6 and the Magic could win in 7.
  • The Orlando Sentinel looks at how to defend LeBron James and writes that some Magic fans think the refs are going to rig the series for the Cavs.
  • On, Erik Cassano gives 5 reasons the Cavs can beat the Magic and Jesse Lamovsky hosts a roundtable discussion of Cavs writers about the series with their predictions.
  • has another good breakdown of the series and predicts a Cavs victory in 5 games.
  • The great John Hollinger finally has his preview out and he also likes the Cavs in 5.
  • also has a detailed breakdown from Scouts Inc. about the series and they say Cavs in 6.
  • Danny Ferrry was voted Executive of the Year by The Sporting News using a vote of the league's coaches and executives.  He received 15 of 41 votes. 
  • Chris Broussard from says the Cavs are ready for a true test from Orlando.
  •  For all you conspiracy theorists out there, TrueHoop has an inside look at the Draft Lottery process and doesn't see how the NBA could possibly fix it (and if they could they certainly wouldn't help the Clippers).