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Amazing LeBron wins Game 2, Cavaliers tie series at 1-1

What else can we say about LeBron James that hasn't already been said?  They may have to make up words, because this kid is just getting started, and who knows what you'll see when he takes the court.  The Most Valuable Player did what MVPs do, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat by burying a 28-footer at the buzzer, giving the Cavaliers a 96-95 win, saving the series and the Cavaliers season in the process.

There will be plenty of time to discuss why the Cavs can get out to huge leads(23 tonight) only to see Orlando come back.  We can talk about the defense, the matchups, and just what the Cavs can do to get a win in Orlando.  For now, let's savor the biggest shot in the history of the Cavaliers.

We don;t know what the rest of the post-season will hold, but for many LeBron's shot may have lifted at least some of the weight of 40+ years of sports frustration from the shoulder of a city that in many ways had that "here we go again" look on its face.  It takes someone special to make that happen, and LeBron James is that special.

To go down 0-2, losing both games at home, after having huge first-half leads in both games would have likely been a death sentence. LeBron changed all of that with one shot, giving the Cavaliers a huge momentum boost as the series shifts to South Florida.  For now, let's enjoy it, let it sink in.