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Fear The Links - Sunday 5/24

Submitted by smashville
Submitted by smashville

Fear The Links brings you the best Cavs news every day.  If you find any good Cavs stories online send them to me at and I'll add them to the links.  Hope you enjoy!


Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Brian Windhorst reports that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has a tentative agreement in place with a group of Chinese investors to purchase a minority share of the team.  This would certainly help LeBron's reach in to the coveted Asian market and it might be another reason for him to resign with the Cavs in 2010.
  • Terry Pluto looks back at LeBron's Shot and what it meant for Cleveland sports fans.
  • Mary Schmitt Boyer looks at the emotion left over from Game 2's victory.
  • Bill Livingston looks at where LeBron's shot ranks among the buzzer-beaters in NBA history.

Akron Beacon-Journal

  • Patrick McManamon writes that "Le Shot" (evidently ESPN's name for LeBron's shot in Game 2) can't help the Cavs in Game 3.
  • George Thomas says that Le Shot (I'll go with it) could replace Cleveland's nightmares.

Columbus Dispatch

  • Ken Gordon writes that the Cavs win when LeBron takes the big shots.  I think that's an oversimplification; sometimes it's the right move to make a pass to an open player.  Remember Jordan's pass to John Paxson who made the game-winning shot in the Finals?
  • Tom Reed has a really good story about Oscar Robertson, looking back at his career and telling what he is doing now.  He is the player that LeBron is often compared to, and LeBron has always mentioned his name when discussing the guys who came before him and paved the way for his success.

Around the Internet

  • In the Orlando Sentinel, Mike Bianchi writes about Chris Jent, Cavs assistant and LeBron's shooting coach who was once interim head coach of the Magic.  Brian Schmitz says that the Magic are used to coming back from crushing defeats in the playoffs and  Andrea Adelson talks about the excitement in Orlando for Game 3.
  • Adrian Wojnarowski writes that a new No. 23 reigns in Cleveland.  He breaks down the last play from many angles.
  • David Glasier at the New-Herald has an interview with Joe Tait.
  • John Shuhmann at has a preview of Game 3.
  • Brian McPeek at wonders why some many Cleveland fans are worrying about past failures.