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Uni Karma: Cavs Need to Sing the Blues

He's blue, da boo dee da boo da
He's blue, da boo dee da boo da

Being the insanely superstitious fan that I am, I've been keeping the same strict uniform code throughout the ECF: navy alternate LeBron jersey, 2007 ECF Champs t-shirt underneath, and the same grungy cargo shorts. It was working, I figured, since even though we lost Game 1, it was darn close. And of course "LeShot" happened in Game 2, so I figured I was good to go. But then game 3 happened, and something didn't feel right. I realized it wasn't me -- the Cavs themselves need to be rockin' the navy blue.

If you look back to the 2007 ECF, you'll see that we wore navy in every road game (Game 1, Game 2, Game 5). I mean, sure, you could argue they're bad luck because we lost both Games 1 and 2, but can anyone really argue with the good karma power those navy unis accumulated in Game 5

Forget Mo Williams' shooting and Z's inability to guard Howard in the post. This is the answer. Navy unis = guaranteed series win. Book it.

These are the things I lay awake at night thinking about.

But can we switch in the middle of a series? Can we get a petition going or something?


P.S. -- Just ignore the fact that we also wore navy in the Finals that year. Doesn't count.