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Fear The Links - Thursday 5/28

Fear The Links is returning after a day of mourning.  As always, if you have any links to add please send them to

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Akron Beacon-Journal

Around the Internet

  • John Hollinger at has a very good analysis of what the Cavs did right in Game 4 and why they do have some reason for optimism even though they are down 3-1.  He says pretty much what we've all been saying: the Cavs gave the Magic the shots they wanted them to take and unfortunately (for us) they made them, but that's not likely to happen again.  And the Cavs got better help from everyone not named LeBron which is a positive sign for the next game.
  • Also on the WWL, Chris Broussard talks about LeBron's performance in Game 4 and TrueHoop has 8 thoughts about Game 4.  And everybody's favorite Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, has a lengthy diatribe about NBA officiating and what it's doing to the game.
  • At, Jesse Lamovsky looks at the history of teams overcoming 3-1 deficits, Brian McPeek says the Cavs need to focus on winning just one game, and Jerry Roche talks about what's killing the Cavs in this series.
  • At, Rob Peterson says the Magic are sticking with what works while John Shuhmann talks about Rafer Alston making the Cavs pay for leaving him open. 
  • The fantastic Joe Posnanski, who wrote the story about the Cavs that appeared on the cover last week, talks about the supposed jinx he gave the team.
  • John Krolik at Cavs: The Blog writes his recap of Game 4.