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Fear The Links - Friday 5/29

Fear The Links brings you the best Cavs news every day.  If you find any good Cavs stories online send them to me at and I'll add them to the links.  Hope you enjoy!


Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Brian Windhorst gives his recap of Game 5 and in his blog discusses what the Cavs did differently last night and how that might affect the rest of the series.  He also writes that LeBron said he felt more pressure playing in the Olympics than in the playoffs, and he said that before Game 5 when the Cavs were down 3-1.  Either he just doesn't want to admit the kind of pressure the Cavs are under now or he really doesn't feel it.
  • Terry Pluto gives his postgame scribbles.
  • Jodie Valade writes about the difference that Mo Williams made in Game 5.
  • Finally, they have a link to the"Hastily Made TNT Video" made by
    Cleveland comedian Mike Polk, the guy who did the "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video" that has become popular on YouTube.  It's pretty funny.

Akron Beacon-Journal

Columbus Dispatch

  • Rob Oller says that LeBron makes up for the matchup problems that the Cavs have with the Magic.

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