An open letter.


Over the next few days you are going to feel pretty depressed. Once again, one of our teams has been eliminated from the playoffs. AM radio will tell you that we were cursed, the television will tell you that the calls, and the bounces, were always destined to not go our way. Your friends will talk about how they knew this was going to happen, and your  family will dejectedly moan about how the Indians, Cavs and Browns are heading down the same road they always do.

I just have one simple request for you. Ignore them. We aren't cursed, no one conspired agaisnt us and it wasn't fate. We lost, it happens. Enjoy this season for what it was. We had 66 wins, the MVP, and national media coverage. Our team was the lead on ESPN, our team destroyed anyone who came into our city, our team played as hard as they could, every moment of the year.

This team brought together fans as disparate as my 92 year old grandmother and Jay-Z, this team brought some life back into a town that deserves it, this team was something to be proud of.

So, fellow Clevlanders, remember that the sun also rises, there will be a tomorrow. And you know what? Wait 'til next year. Next year, we'll get them. Forget the negativity, we've come back from far worse in the past. Screw this, (next year) we're winning.

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