LeBron on Pace for Most Dominating Playoffs Ever

Five games into the playoffs LeBron James is on pace to record the most dominating individual performance ever as measured by P.E.R., a statistic that combines all the offensive and defensive stats recorded by the NBA. Here are the greatest single year playoff performances of all time:

1. LeBron James 41.82 (so far) this year

2. Hakeem Olajuwon 38.95 in 1988

3. George Mikan 33.58 in 1954

4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 32.35 in 1977

5. Michael Jordan, 32.04 in 1991

Then there are six others at 31something including Dwight Howard so far this year. The Hakeem number should have an asterisk because they lost in the first round, only 4 games. Most likely that 38.95 would have dropped with more games. LeBron's number may drop too, especially when the Cavs face better teams.

LeBron is 6th and rising on the career playoff PER list at 25.38. There's a good chance he'll pass Olajuwon's 25.69 during these playoffs and then Tim Duncan and Shaq shortly thereafter. The top two will be tougher: Jordan at 28.59 and Mikan at 28.51. Still, even those numbers are not out of reach but it would take several more excellent playoff seasons.

LeBron led the league in PER during the regular this year. He trails only Michael Jordan and Shaq for career regular season PER and will probably pass Shaq next season.

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