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LeBron: "I'm comfortble in Cleveland"

There isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't ask my thought on LeBron James, specifically if he will be a Cavalier after the highy touted 'Summer of 2010'.  My answer has always been then same, "LeBron is a homebody.  He enjoys the flirtation and attention, but he loves Akron, loves Northeast Ohio, and is extremely loyal.  He isn't going anywhere."

I wouldn't be shocked to see LeBron sign an extension this summer, another 3 or 4 year deal, in order to do this all again in 2013 or so. 

Perhaps the strongest support to my argument came from LeBron himself, in an excerpt from his Sunday Conversation to be aired this weekend.  LeBron sat down with ESPN's Mark Schwartz, and had this to say -

'I'm comfortable with being in Cleveland. I'm excited about it.  I'm loving the direction we're [going] in and I'm loving the teammates I have and the organization. So if that's any indication of me leaving, then somebody must be looking out the wrong box."

LeBron has always been coy with his thoughts on the matter, but this comment is alot more "less vague" than anything prior.  LeBron has surroounded himself with firends that were with him before he was a superstar.  He paid homage to his roots by having his MVP Award presentation at his high school.  Somewhere, deep down, LeBron knows his legacy, as much as it will be judged by Titles, will also be judged by the success he has with his original team, his hometown team. 

LeBron James isn't going anywhere.