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Is Mike Brown in trouble?

Could Mike Brown's job in Cleveland be in jeopardy? If you believe what one web site has to say, then the answer is a resounding "Yes!".

ProBasketballNews is reporting that the Cavaliers Front Office is divided over the status of Brown and specifically Owner Dan Gilbert is determined to bring in a big name coach.

According to the report, the Cavaliers' brass was none-to-pleased with the Cavaliers exit from the playoffs, a 6-game defeat at the hands of the Orlando Magic. Perhaps more disappointing to the suits was the way Orlando beat the Cavaliers. Cleveland blew big leads in all 3 home games, and the team seemed to struggle in making adjustments to what was happening on the court.

Below is an excerpt from the report --

None of the sources would allow their names to be used, and only one agreed to be quoted.

The latter referred to Brown's game plan as "junk," and used that word several times to describe the offensive philosophy in Game 5 of the East finals -- a 112-102 Cavs victory.

Another source who refused to be quoted implied Brown doesn't know how or simply is not willing to open up his offense despite having weapons like James and Mo Williams, and to a lesser degree, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Delonte West.

Three sources contacted by Pro Basketball News agreed that the Cavs' offense ran smoothly at the beginning of the season, but too often lacked ball movement and cohesiveness against elite teams such as Orlando, Boston and the L.A. Lakers. The Cavs finished a combined 5-9 against those three (including the playoffs). They went 3-6 against the Magic -- with all three wins coming down to the final minute, or in the case of Game 3 of the East finals, the final shot.

Brown's forte has always been defense, "but when the defense wasn't working against Orlando, he had no idea how to put pressure on them (with offense)," one source said.

It is clear that someone thinks the Cavaliers are unhappy with Brown, but would a knee-jerk reaction really be beneficial, considering the importance of the upcoming off-season?

While criticisms of Brown are well known and justified, when you really break down the roster, after LeBron James of course, it really leaves you wanting a bit.

Is it Brown's fault that the Cavs are extremely thin in the front court, with starters that prefer to work away from the basket instead of in the post?

Is it Brown's fault that the team is undersized in the back-court, with two starters that are both under 6-3?

More than anything, those two vulnerabilites on the Cavaliers roster had alot to do with how the Magic were able to push the Cavaliers around. Even as dominating as the Magic looked to be, the two teams were seperated by only 15 points over 6 games. Much of that was the greatness of LeBron, the other part, the Cavaliers playing with alot of guts and grit.

Credit the Magic for hitting the big shots in Game 1 and Game 4, both long threes from Rashard Lewis. Not much more Mike Brown could have done in either occassion.

I know that nerves are a bit frayed. The best thing the Cavaliers can do is to go out and improve the talent on the court, not in the coach's chair. LeBron needs some size and length in the front and back court. Once that happens, the 2009 NBA Coach of the Year may just look like a genius again.