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Mike Brown rumor "100% False"

So says Brian Windhorst, Cavs beat writer over at the Plain Dealer.  Per a Tweet from Windhorst,

"Take it from me, any story you see or hear about Mike Brown's job being in jeopardy is 100% false. Very poor  Cavs "journalism" this week."

Windhorst was more adament in his column this morning on --

It flies in the face of common sense that removing the most successful coach in team history - whom James has credited with improving his defense and helping him mature into a leader - and tossing a stable team into chaos would help James' re-sign with the Cavs. James has supported Brown firmly, especially over the last two seasons.

Second, Riley has said he's retired from coaching and he's the president, top basketball decision maker and part owner of the Miami Heat. Later this summer, he's going to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a member of the Heat. Riley is going nowhere.

Neither is Brown.

I think that says it all, don't ya think??