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Fear The Links - Tuesday 6/2

Fear The Links brings you the best Cavs news every day.  If you find any good Cavs stories online send them to me at and I'll add them to the links.  Hope you enjoy!


Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Brian Windhorst takes a first look at what the Cavs need to do this offseason. 
  • Bill Livingston looks at what Orlando did to the Cavs and options for improvement next year.

Akron Beacon-Journal

  •  Patrick McManamon writes about Mike Brown and Danny Ferry's session with the media on Monday and their views on what went wrong against the Magic.

The Morning Journal

  •   Bob Finnan looks at some of the options for the Cavs this offseason to improve their low-post play.

Around the Internet

  • Eric Cassano at look at what went wrong for the Cavs against the Magic.
  • Marc Stein at discusses how the Chinese investment in the Cavs might affect LeBron's future in Cleveland.
  • At, David Aldridge writes a letter to LeBron telling him that he needs to take a lesson from Earnest Byner and the way he acted after "The Fumble".  He tells LeBron that we was wrong in a nice way, unlike much of what has been written and said about him the past two days.  This is a very good read. 
  • also has a video of Mike Brown and Danny Ferry talking to the media.
  • The always solid Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo! Sports gives his thoughts on what Danny Ferry should do in the offseason.
  • Phil Taylor at says that LeBron was sending a message by not shaking hands with the Magic that he's tired of carrying his team in the playoffs.  But his line that "more help had better be on the way next year . . . or tell the Knicks to start getting my uniform ready" doesn't make much sense -- how is going to the Knicks going to give him a better supporting cast?  I can see argument of the Knicks being a destination because he wants to play in New York (not saying that I agree) but how can you argue that going to the Knicks will give LeBron more players around him to help win a championship?  Has anyone watched the Knicks lately?