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OK, we got Shaq, what about the draft?

Now that the Cavs have traded for Shaquille O'Neal we'll look towards the NBA Draft (tonight at 7:30). After the season most people thought the Cavs would be looking for a true backup point guard, an athletic wing player, and more help in the post. Shaq obviously helps in the frontcourt but the Cavs may still need help there, especially with Varejao a free agent and Hickson suffering a setback from his back injury. Big men are hard to find later in the first round, though, so the Cavs may look for backcourt help there.

The strongest position in this draft is supposed to be point guard so there should be a few good ones on the board when the Cavs pick at 30. They could use a true point guard to backup Mo Williams since neither West or Gibson fit that role. The also would like to get a tall, athletic wing player to help on defense because the Magic exposed the Cavs in that area in the playoffs.

The Cavs may be able to move up in the first round, though, because some teams in financial trouble might want to sell their pick to save money, so we'll have to see if the Cavs try to make a move. There are many players who would help the Cavs that most people think will be drafted in the late teens or early 20's, such as Sam Young of Pittsburgh and Ty Lawson of UNC. Sam Young is a guy I really like; he's a 6'7" forward from Pitt who can shoot, rebound, and defend, and is exactly the kind of player that the Cavs need coming off the bench. Some people have compared him to James Posey, who helped Boston win the title last year. He was a four-year player at Pitt so he should be able to step in and help right away. If the Cavs can trade up to get him I'll be thrilled.

But if the Cavs don't make a trade and stay at pick #30, who would you like to get? I looked at many mock drafts and came up with a list of names who most experts think will be available late in the first or early in the second. Pick a name from the list and let us know why you want that player.