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Bucks decide to set Charlie Villanueva free

One name that has been tied to the Cavaliers since the end of the season as a possible free agent acquisition has officially been given the opportunity to sign with any team he'd like. Former Buck PF Charlie Villanueva was set free by Milwaukee earlier today when the Bucks decided against offering CV31 a qualifying offer.

Villanueva, who has made quite a name for himself on Twitter, has been keeping fans up to date with himself, and what he is thinking heading into free agency.

For instance, when the Cavaliers acquired Shaquille O'neal from Phoenix last week, Villanueva seemed intrigued by the possibilites -

well, twitterland like I said there will be more trades to come, very interesting, Shaq to Cleveland, nice, all Cleveland need is a PF now

Villanueva also took to opportunity to let Cleveland fans know that their warm-wishes are appreciated -

Cleveland fans are showing me mad love on twitter, appreciate the love

Now the big question becomes whether or not the Cavaliers can afford Villanueva. Depending on Anderson Varejao, the Cavaliers will likely have their mid-level exemption, starting at around $5.8 million. It remains to be seen if that would be enough to get Villanueva in a Wine and Gold uniform.

Stay tuned!