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Fear The Links - Sunday 6/7

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Akron Beacon-Journal

Around the Internet

  • At, Sam Amico sides with LeBron about not shaking hands and gives us his first Mock Draft, while Erik Cassano writes that LeBron is still learning to be a leader.
  • Amar Panchmatia at Cavalier Attitude shoots down the Rasheed Wallace report from SLAM Magazine and talks about ESPN radio's Colin Cowherd practially begging Chris Bosh to sign with Cleveland.  How often do you hear that from an ESPN broadcaster?
  • At HoopsWorld, Tommy Beer reviews the Cavs' season and looks at what Danny Ferry needs to do in the offseason to improve the team while Bill Ingraham looks at potential trade targets for the Cavs.
  • John Schuhmann from writes about Orlando learning the difference between guarding Kobe and LeBron.
  • Ken Berger at discusses David Stern's address to the media last week.  Stern talked about the NBA's declining revenues and what affect that might have on the salary cap in 2009 and, more importantly, 2010, when LeBron, Wade, and Bosh will be among many big-name free agents.