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Parallel Universe NBA Finals Game 3: Open Thread

The Parallel Purple People Eaters head down to the Magic Kingdom to do some Darlin' stomping tonight. Meanwhile, the Cavs look to take a 3-0 lead in the Real Finals.*

On a more serious note, it looks like Orlando's luck has finally run out. After being utterly dominated in Game 1, the small things stopped going their way in Game 2 and they managed to lose to a Lakers team that looked like they hardly wanted to play. It's likely they can take at least one game in Orlando, but is there anyone on the planet at this point that thinks Cleveland/LA wouldn't have been a better Finals matchup? I'm not saying we'd have won, but the Magic are starting to look like they played about their heads to get here.

*On a super sad note, I actually planned a long weekend trip to Cleveland this weekend in anticipation of at least catching a Finals game. I may not be too active on here starting tomorrow, but suffice it to say I'll have more time on my hands, sadly


Is it November yet?