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Fear The Links - Thursday 7/23

Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Brian Windhorst passes along a report from a Spanish website that Christian Eyenga has signed a 3-year contract with his Spanish League team.  There are no details about the contract or any possible buyouts included.  The Cavs' original plan was to keep him in Europe for a couple years but after his strong performance in the summer league there was thought that they might try to sign him now and let him split time between the Cavs roster and the D-league.  Now it looks like he'll be staying in Europe for at least this season.
  • Bill Livingston previews a book about LeBron's high school years called "Shooting Stars", co-authored by Buzz Bissinger who wrote "Friday Night Lights".  The book details the years at SVSM through LeBron's eyes and all the turmoil he went through with his buddies. 
  • Terry Pluto looks at the Cavs' moves this offseason and thinks they'll be a stronger contender in the playoffs next year.

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