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Fear The Links - 8/1

Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Brian Windhorst writes about Hakim Warrick spurning the Cavs for the Bucks (and more money) and says the team is still looking for more help at power forward.  He gives a few other team notes in his beat blog.
  • Michael Curry at Cavs HQ weighs in on the LeBron v. Kevin Durant debate, which has circulated many basketball blogs.  Simple analysis: statistically not even close.  Durant is a better shooter, but that's it -- LeBron easily beats him everywhere else.

The News-Herald

Around The Internet

  • Smooth at Cavalier Attitude has a preview of the Cavs' 2009-10 schedule which he says he got from a "league source." 
  • John Krolik at Cavs: The Blog writes about Darnell Jackson.
  •'s TrueHoop blog looks at an interesting question: will Yao Ming's absence this coming season hurt the NBA's global audience (which is largely centered in China)?
  • This is also not about the Cavs, but's Charley Rosen gives his list of the NBA's most overrated players