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LeBron James 'Shooting Stars' book tour hits NE Ohio

LeBron James will be signing some autographs this weekend, but only a few lucky ones will be able to participate.  James, whose book, 'Shooting Stars', co-written with Buzz Bissinger, will be at two separate area book signings this weekend, and both locations are expecting waiting crowds and in many cases, un-happy customers.

According to, James will be at the Borders in Westlake tonight at 7:00PM and at the Barnes & Noble in Bath Township, James current home, at 2:00PM Saturday.

According to the report, both stores expect the lines to be long, but not everyone is guaranteed to see James -

A limited number of wristbands will be handed out to those waiting for James. Wristbands at Borders will be distributed when the store opens at 9 a.m. Friday. Wristbands at Barnes & Noble will be distributed when doors open at 7 a.m. on Saturday.

But the wristbands don't guarantee an autographed book. They just reserve a spot in the book-signing line once James arrives.

The Westlake location will be handing out 600 wristbands. 

The Barnes and Noble location is saying James will be at the store for 90 minutes and will sign as many books as he can during that time.

Only books will be allowed, no pictures or other items will be signed.