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Delonte West misses practice, Cavs not commenting

After appearing in good spirits at Medai Day yesterday, all is apparently not well with Delonte West.  West was not at practice this morning, the first team workout for the Cavaliers of camp.  Brian Windhorst has confirmed that West's absence was unexcused, though the Cavaliers are not commenting at this time.

During his media availability yesterday, West intimated that he was again struggling with bi-polar disorder and depression, though he appeared to be ready to focus on basketball, even while dealing with an arrest earlier this month on gun-possession charges -

"I'm back taking my meds and everything," he said. "I'm focused on basketball. I'm dealing with some issues. I get highs and get lows. But all the last year I've been consistent being in a nice . . . routine. I was in a routine that I got out of this summer. I got away from it."

"But just coming back here, driving into Cleveland, it was like getting a breath of fresh air."

Now, with this latest misstep, you have to wonder how patient the Cavaliers will be with West, or what West's mental state really is.

Surely there will be more to come.  The most important thing for Delonte West right now is to get his life in order.  Here's hoping that happens.